Ad Listing Policy:

We comply by local copyright legislation and we guard the rights of copyright holders, thus we do not let ads that are unauthorized to utilize content that is copyrighted. If you're lawfully authorized to make use of copyrighted material, provide us a certificate to advertise that you are legally authorized of the patent or copyright. If you find unauthorized content, then submit a copyright-related complaint at

Trade Marks
There are a number of things that determine when trademarks may be utilized in adverts, with the factors described within our policies, these policies apply only once a trademark owner has filed a legal complaint to Elanat. You can also submit a trademark infringement complaint at
Legal needs: You are always accountable for making sure you adhere to applicable regulations and laws in the UAE, along with Elanat's advertising policies.

Counterfeit Goods
Elanat restricts the sale or promotion of imitation goods. Counterfeit Items have a trademark or logo that's equal to or substantially indistinguishable from the signature of this original item. They mimic the newest features of this item in an effort to pass themselves off as a real product.

Dangerous Services or Products
We wish to keep people safe both offline and online, thus we do not permit the promotion of some services and products that can cause harm, damage, or injury.
Cases of harmful material: Recreational drugs (herbal or chemical); psychoactive materials; gear to ease drug usage; weapons, ammunition, explosive substances; directions to manufacturing explosives or other dangerous compounds; tobacco products etc.

Unethical Behaviour
We appreciate honesty and equity, thus we do not permit the promotion of items that are intended to make it possible for unethical behavior.
Cases of Items or solutions which allow unethical behavior: Hacking applications or directions; solutions made to inflate advertisement or site visitors; imitation files; fake documents; institutional cheating services etc.

Inappropriate Content
We appreciate diversity and respect for others, and we endeavor to prevent offending users, thus we never let ads which display shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence.
Cases of improper or offensive articles: Bullying or intimidation towards a Person or a group, racial discrimination, hate speech, image of a crime scene or injury pictures, cruelty towards animals, murder, self-harm, extortion or blackmail, trade or sale of endangered species, advertisements with profane language etc.

We do not need end users to feel duped with adverts, therefore we make an effort to ensure adverts are honest and clear and offer the advice that users will need to get informed conclusions. We do not let destinations or ads which need to mislead users by excluding important info or giving false information regarding services, products, or companies.
Cases of misrepresentation: omitting or obscuring details; neglecting to exhibit taxation, warranty or license amounts, contact info; making supplies which are not really accessible; fake offers; making ineffective or unrealistic statements concerning weight loss, hair regrowth or monetary advantage; amassing contributions/donations under false pretenses; "phishing" or purporting to be a respectable company so as to get customers to part with precious private or financial advice etc.

Restricted Content
The policies below cover material that's sometimes legally or culturally sensitive. A classified website may be a potent means to reach clients & buyers, however, in sensitive places, we also work hard in order to refrain from revealing these adverts when and at which they may be improper.
Because of this, we permit the promotion of the content but on a minimal basis. Be aware that not all of the advertising goods, features, or programs can encourage this content that is restricted

Adult Ads
Adverts should honor user preferences and conform to regulations that are legal, thus we never let certain sorts of mature content in our platform. No forms of adult-oriented ads are enabled if they don't conform to our policies below and also don't aim towards the minors.
Understand how you may violate our policies below.
Cases of limited adult ads: pornography, strip clubs, sensual cinemas, sex toys, adult celebrities, escort services, sensual enhancement products, matchmaking websites, males & females in sexualized poses etc.

We comply by local alcohol legislation and norms under the UAE Government, we never let any sorts of alcohol-related advertisements, both for beverages and drinks which resemble alcohol.
Cases of alcoholic drinks: wine, beer, sake, spirits or hard drinks, Champagne, fortified wine, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, along with non-alcoholic spirits etc. 

Gambling & Betting
We encourage responsible gaming advertisements which stick by local gaming legislation and the law of UAE. Hence, we never let certain forms of gambling-related advertising. Gambling-related adverts are allowed if they conform to the policies below and also the advertiser has received the  Advertising Certificate from the authority. Betting advertising must target approved locality & events only.
Cases of restricted gambling ads: bodily casinos; websites where consumers may gamble on poker, bingo, blackjack sports or athletics events; private or national lotteries; sports betting chances aggregator websites; websites supplying bonus codes or promotional supplies to gaming websites; online instructional stuff such as casino-based games; websites that provide"poker-for-fun" matches; non-casino-based money game websites etc.

Healthcare and Drugs
We're devoted to following rules for medical care and medicines, therefore we hope that ads will follow appropriate regulations and business standards. A few healthcare-related contents cannot be promoted in any way, while some can only be promoted. Email us for more details

Political Content
We discourage any kind of political advertisements or criticism. This policy comprises of a straight ban & might be reported to local authorities.

Financial Services
Our coverages are all intended to offer users advice, and to consider the risks & costs related to financial services and products, and also to shield our users from deceptive or harmful techniques. For the purposes of the policy, we believe financial services, businesses and products should be able to keep people connected with the investment & risk management of currency and cryptocurrencies, including personalized advice.
When posting ads for financial services and products, you must conform to local & state regulations of the Emirates. As an instance, include specific disclosures required by law.

Restricted Businesses
We confine certain forms of organizations out of advertisements together to avoid users from getting manipulated, even when independent organizations seem to adhere to all our additional policies. This decision is based mostly on our continuous reviews, and feedback from our users and consumer protection authorities, we sporadically identify products or services that are susceptible to misuse. We believe that certain forms of businesses pose an unreasonable hazard to consumer security or user experience & may hamper consumer rights. We will take a stand on users behalf and limit or discontinue related adverts from running on our platform.

Editorial & Technical Requirements
We wish to deliver ads which are engaging for buyers with no difficulty to connect to the sellers which is you, therefore we've developed editorial necessities to maintain your ads attractive to users. We've also given technical requirements & data selection options that will help advertisers and users to connect & trade easily without any barrier.
As a way to supply an excellent user experience, Elanat requires that most advertisements meet high editorial and professional standards. We just allow adverts which are clear & professional to look at, and also the customers reading the content feel it is useful, applicable, and simple to connect to the sellers.
Samples of promotions that don't fulfill these editorial and special demands: Gimmicky usage of words, letters, numbers, punctuation, or symbols.

Technical Requirements
To help us maintain adverts clear and operational, advertisers must fulfill with our technical requirements.

Ad Format Requirements
In our mission to provide an excellent user experience and post attractive, professional-looking advertising, we just allow adverts that adhere to special requirements for each advertising arrangement on our platform. Review what's needed for all advertising categories that you are using.
Be aware we never let Non-family safe adverts in image advertisements, video advertising, and additional non-text advertising formats. Read about our adult content policy.
Advertisers willing to engage in beta programs of brand new advertising formats in a new category on Elanat must mail to us directly at