Numark IDJ2 Set available

AED 1,800 Dubai, UAE
  • Usage Few times used
  • Condition Exellent condition
  • Age 1-3 year
  • Duration other


Blender including the hard case and keypad! Blend, scratch and perform with your iPod. Execution CONTROLS You can scratch and find explicit focuses on the track utilizing iDJ2's substantial wheels. Make and coordinate consistent circles in a flash. iDJ2 has Fader Start, which empowers iDJ2 to consequently begin playback when you move the crossfader. Numark's progressed Keylock include empowers you to move the track's rhythm while looking after pitch. Furthermore, select Beatkeeper™ innovation enables you to beat-coordinate outwardly, by essentially arranging the lights so you invest less energy working in earphones COMPLETE DJ MIXER WITH USB iDJ2 has an execution prepared, two-channel blender. Each channel has three-band EQs, gain control, pitch and line faders, level metering, circle controls, a tap beat catch, and standard transport and sign controls. A tough, smooth crossfader with flexible slant finishes iDJ2's blender so you can blend between sources. Notwithstanding its iPod dock, iDJ2 has two arrangements of simple phono/line-switchable contributions with grounds so you can interface CD players, turntables, drum machines, and other simple music sources. It additionally has two USB ports for interfacing computerized gadgets and blending them in. iDJ2 has a total signalling area with both 1/8" and 1/4" stereo jacks, autonomous prompt dimension, tone, and sign dole out controls. iDJ2 likewise has a full-included yield segment with adjusted XLR and unequal RCA Master yields and RCA Record yields for the account your execution. Case SYSTEM Numark's Crate framework is an electronic way to deal with overseeing setlists and the music library structured around the manner in which you work with your vinyl or CDs. You can plan setlists early, form them as your execution unfurls, or consolidate the two methodologies. You simply select a track in your library and load it into the virtual case for either Deck An or Deck B. Rapidly message look with iDJ2's snap handle utilizing craftsman, track or collection name. For considerably quicker track get to, you can connect a discretionary USB console. The Crate framework is anything but difficult to see in any lighting conditions because of its shading LCD screen. The screen additionally empowers you to utilize Track Profile see for simple visual identification of vitality changes in tracks. You'll have the capacity to find prompt focuses without earphones! MEDIA AND DEVICE COMPATIBILITY You can perform with advanced music records put away on iPods, USB hard drives and thumb drives on account of iDJ2's dock and two USB inputs. You can even play two tracks from a similar iPod in the meantime. You can work with a wide scope of document types including stereo and mono MP3s, WAVs, AACs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can blend in AAC digital broadcasts and even interface and play from plates outside USB CD and DVD drives. iDJ2 even backings music on information DVDs and multi-session CDs. You can tear sound CD tracks to a writable wav library, alter the content labels on tracks and collections tore from CD and duplicate tracks starting with one drive then onto the next. The potential outcomes are essentially boundless! iDJ2 is the ground-breaking, proficient answer for performing with the music on your iPod.

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Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE

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