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My name is Johnny, I'm IFPA globally guaranteed individual wellness coach situated in Dubai. I can go to your habitation, office, rec centre, yet in addition have an expert rec centre in Dubai Marina. My program comprises of 3 stages: 1) Free Consultation and Assesment test - This progression is intended to gather all the data about your execution and nourishment inclinations so an appropriate sustenance and exercise projects can be made dependent on your way of life. 2) Nutrition - You will pursue a demonstrated nourishment framework for quick and long haul results. It will be customized for you and the sustenances you like to eat in light of the fact that you should stick to it for a more extended term and it is vital that you like it. 3) Workout - You will complete 60 min sessions, structured explicitly for your objective (fat misfortune, muscle building, enhancing your stance, and so forth) under my watch. My most prevalent projects are : - 6 WEEKS FAT LOSS PROGRAM On the off chance that you pursue this program precisely, you will lose 10-20lbs ensured! It is intended for working out multiple times/week and actualizing perfect sustenance plan for getting thinner - while not starving your self and doing other unsustainable things. - 6 WEEKS LADIES TONING PROGRAM This program is intended to consume a couple of additional kgs of difficult fat (for the most part on the gut, arms and hamstrings region) and construct few kgs of muscle so as to give you a pleasant hourglass shape. We will concentrate on the most part on the glutes, hamstrings, upper back, and abs. You will get a sustenance plan which we will you should follow so as to augment the advancement in the given time. MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAM This program is intended for any individual who needs to construct muscle. The program comprises of 3-6 times each seven day stretch of hypertrophy helped preparing, sustenance plan and supplementation plan(optional). Because of this program, you can hope to pick up 1-2 kg of slender muscle each month without increasing any fat. Likewise doing: - Kickboxing - Crossfit - HIIT, HIIT100 - Bodybuilding - Conditioning - Posture revision - Female indicated preparing Reach me today and book your Free Session and Consultation

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Dubai, Dubai, UAE

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